19 septembre 2008

The Chocolate Room


They should have named it ... Paradise.
Now that Fall arrived with its grey moods, its chilly evenings, you'll need something to boost you UP!

This is just an excuse to go back to the Chocolate Room.
Located on 5th avenue in Brooklyn this is THE place to get your chocolate dose to feel better - hey, it's scientifically proven that chocolate is good for your health and mood -  so be rational for once ;)

And it is in front of one of their Amazing Chocolate Mousse that a Star is born.
Yeah ! I got interviewed there, about my blog and my life in Brooklyn NY.
Here's the website -Madmoizelle- that published every crazy french word I said with my mouth full of chocolate!

And if you don't like chocolate go enjoy their teas and the very nice set.

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    Mais je dois absolument voir ça !

    Posté par Norel, 05 octobre 2008 à 10:50 | | Répondre
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    "The Chocolate Room" i like your writing style

    Posté par Logo Design Blog, 09 octobre 2010 à 08:58 | | Répondre
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