10 septembre 2008

Useless board.

I took that picture at Coney Island last weekend. That sign can be found on the walls surrounding the famous Cyclone rollercoaster.Unfortunately, it was the last day of Astroland Park... (more)That sign just lost its purpose... By the way, I survived the Coney Island Cyclone !
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04 septembre 2008

It's over...

Summer is coming to an end.. no fireflies in the park anymore, the sky is dark around eight, no softball or kids playing...Can't wait for the orange-reddish colors to arrive.
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13 août 2008


... is my favorite sport. Actually the only sport I like.My first baseball experience was on Staten Island, the Yankees against Cyclones in 2006.I was so excited to see the Yankees, I bought a flag and a lot of other merchandising... till someone told me that they were not the "real" Yankees.... the were the Staten Island Yankees... Now I understand why I was the only person that excited in the stadium... Next > I want to discover the Keyspan Park - the Cyclones Stadium.
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08 août 2008

Coney Island

Prévisions au beau fixe pour samedi >> 30 minutes de métro et nous voila a Coney Island... son parc d'attraction (un des plus vieux au monde) et sa plage ! Weather Experts expect a sunny and warm Saturday. Let's jump on the train to Coney Island! and have fun at the amusement park and the beach !
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